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link thumbnail BioNES ja translate
NES emulator for Windows. From Zophar's Domain:
It's a good emulator, although it is outdated. It features high compatibility, full sound, correct sprite priorities , and most of the mappers fwNES supports.
[Links on the web page don't seem to work; download the binary at Zophar's Domain.]
(Added 2006-11-17, 693 hits, more)
link thumbnail DreamNES
Unmaintained NES emulator for Windows.
DreamNES is a NES emulator by Kervin Lee. It's main characteristic is that it includes a ROM Encyclopedia built into its GUI, which displays information & screenshots about NES ROMs.

Unfortunately, its rather outdated and very buggy. All of the features it supports, including the enyclopedia are found in current emulators such as Ube ...
(Added 2006-11-17, 442 hits, more)
link thumbnail Free64
Unmaintained and simple C64 emulator for DOS.
Free64 is a Commodore 64 emulator for MS-DOS, written solely by me, in Borland C 3.1. I wrote the CPU core myself, although I used M6502's implementation of BCD arithmetic as an example. Here is a list of current features: (as of v.01)
  • 6510 CPU, full documented instruction set
  • RAM/ROM switching
  • CIA 1/2 timers A an ...
(Added 2006-08-17, 372 hits, more)
link thumbnail LissNES
NES emulator for Windows written in Visual BASIC.
[Downloads have not been archived, and I have been unable to track down the source code. Binary at Zophar's Domain.]
(Added 2006-11-22, 439 hits, more)
link thumbnail Marijuanes
NES emulator for Windows.
marijuanes appears to be a fairly new emulator from the author of Squeem with minimal mapper support and partially working sound. It may get better.
On the other hand, it probably won't.
[Entry points to emulator archive at Zophar's Domain.]
(Added 2006-11-22, 359 hits, more)
link thumbnail NES Emulators (Zophar's Domain)
Provides a number of NES emulators for download that do not have their own web site (any more), such as FE, NE, Nofrendo, Squeem, Little John NG, WiNES, etc.
(Added 2006-11-26, 362 hits, more)
link thumbnail Nes-Lord
NES emulator for DOS.
An emulator based on NESA, this emulator, written by CHECK, has not been updated in a long time. There's no sound, and it supports only a few mappers. Don't waste your time with this one.
[Entry points to emulator archive at Zophar's Domain.]
(Added 2006-11-23, 393 hits, more)
link thumbnail NES496
Incomplete NES emulator/debugger for Windows.
This NES emulator was coded as a result of a college assignment in CSE496, hence, the name NES496. It uses DirectX for drawing the graphics. It has partial sound, is rather slow, and only supports a few mappers. It does, however, have a cool graphical debugger. It's not really worth the download right now unless you want to play with the d ...
(Added 2006-11-23, 388 hits, more)
link thumbnail NESemu
NES emulator for DOS.
This NES emulator, although rather primitive, is very small and quite fast. It emulates the 6502 cpu, video, and the usual mappers. It uses a 256X240 scanline video mode, and runs full speed on a Pentium 75. It runs too fast on P166's because there is no speed throttling yet. It's also very small in size. It even includes a built in tile editor and a hex editor.< ...
(Added 2006-11-23, 370 hits, more)
link thumbnail NESemu8
Incomplete NES emulator for Windows.
NESemu8 runs a few games and has sound support, although it's primitive.
[Entry points to emulator archive at Zophar's Domain.]
(Added 2006-11-24, 435 hits, more)
link thumbnail NExS
NES emulator for Windows.
A newly developed emulator, has rather minimal support for mappers and no sound so far. It could become promising eventually though.
[Entry points to the perhaps overly optimistic emulator archive at Zophar's Domain.]
(Added 2006-11-24, 352 hits, more)
link thumbnail PCNES
NES emulator for DOS without sound support.
This emulator is written in assembly. It has slightly below average compatibility and no sound support. This emulator is very old and not really worth the download.
[Entry points to the emulator archive at Zophar's Domain.]
(Added 2006-11-25, 381 hits, more)
link thumbnail Pfau Zeh, *the* Commodore VIC-20 emulator
Commodore VIC-20 emulator for Windows and Linux.
Pfau Zeh is a Commodore VIC-20 emulator and is available for two different operations systems:
  • Pfau Zeh for Win32 is for Microsoft Windows 95/98 and Windows 2000. It requires the DirectDraw and DirectSound parts of DirectX 6.1 (or later).
  • Pfau Zeh for Linux is for the Linux-ELF OS on the X86 platform. It uses the ...
(Added 2003-11-12, 408 hits, more)
link thumbnail PlasticNES
Version of NextFCE for DOS with some bugs fixed.
[Entry points to the emulator archive at Zophar's Domain.]
(Added 2006-11-24, 379 hits, more)
link thumbnail SNES Technical Documents
Super Famicom documentation section at Zophar's Domain.
(Added 2007-11-05, 364 hits, more)
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