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link thumbnail RetroSpec cool
Retrospec are a team of coders, graphics artists and computer musicians who have gathered together [...] to bring you the best remakes of old 8 bit games and new original games with a decidedly retro feel that we can. We meet here in the clubhouse - a remarkable building with rooms on at least 5 planets (and a cosmic toilet, baby!)
(Added 2003-12-31, 999 hits, more)
link thumbnail AGD Interactive
AGS-based remakes of several Sierra On-Line adventure games.
Anonymous Game Developers Interactive, AGDI for short, is a group of highly motivated individuals determined to revive the adventure game genre. Our aim is to remake classic Sierra On-Line adventure games, enhance them to modern standards, and then offer them as free downloads. We believe that adventure games must not be for ...
(Added 2006-08-27, 709 hits, more)
link thumbnail Andys Page
home of remakes of "Jet Set Willy", "Manic Miner", and "Lunar Jetman";
(Added 2006-02-10, 596 hits, more)
link thumbnail Brain Games
Home of many remakes of games such as "Road Fighter", "Nether Earth", "Maze of Galious", "Thrust", "The Goonies", and "F-1 Spirit". Most of them are available for Win32, OSX, and Linux
(Added 2006-02-10, 511 hits, more)
link thumbnail Computer Emuzone enes
Archive that specializes in Spanish games for Amstrad CPC and PCW, C64, MSX, Atari ST, Amiga. Also features remakes for current platforms, interviews with Spanish creators, articles, and a forum.
In Computer Emuzone you'll find the best videogames, since the real classics until the new ones. How can you play them if they are not new? Simple, download an emulator for your PC, Mac o ...
(Added 2012-10-08, 688 hits, more)
link thumbnail DroidQuest
Dedicated to Robot Odyssey, an Apple II game that teaches the basics of programming through wiring together logic gates. Within the game you solve puzzles by programming robots so they can move around, grab objects, and communicate with each other.
The site features instructions, hints, original game downloads, a circuit gallery, and Java and PocketPC remakes.
(Added 2007-09-20, 581 hits, more)
link thumbnail Gameboy Advance Remakes
Ports and remakes of several classic games, including Elite, for the GBA. Source code available.
[This entry links to the archived site at; there is a "live" version of the site at Google Sites, the most prominent feature of which is that "at the request of the original author(s), some of the downloads have b ...
(Added 2003-11-12, 542 hits, more)
link thumbnail Michael Foot's Home Page - RISC OS Software
Contains among other things remakes of several BBC Micro classics for RISC OS, like Chuckie Egg, Cybertron Mission, Dare Devil Tennis, and Guardian. Source code available.
(Added 2006-07-16, 464 hits, more)
link thumbnail Ovine By Design
Many remakes of classic games such as Xor, Total Eclipse, Terra Cognita, and Antiriad, mostly for Windows.
(Added 2007-01-16, 367 hits, more)
link thumbnail Plus/4 World enderuitzhhu
Serves all your Plus/4 needs.
(Added 2003-11-12, 494 hits, more)
link thumbnail Remakes Zone es translate
Large database of remakes for all platforms with screenshots of both the remake and the original game, downloads, links to the home pages, ratings, and comments.
(Added 2006-10-01, 665 hits, more)
link thumbnail Rick Dangerous Resurrected
An abundance of Rick information, both about the game in general as well as about specific versions: playing guide, maps, videos, music, graphics, remakes, instructions, cheats, emulation, screenshots. Also links to reviews and game download on other sites.
(Added 2006-02-10, 465 hits, more)
link thumbnail SDL Games
Open-source SDL-based remakes of Aklabeth, Crusing on Broadway, Deathchase 3D, Football Manager, and Yar's Revenge.
(Added 2012-11-26, 439 hits, more)
link thumbnail Sopwith dot org
Dedicated to PC shooter Sopwith and its descendants.
(Added 2007-01-26, 540 hits, more)
link thumbnail Streets of Rage Online
Dedicated to the Sega Mega Drive beat'em up series Streets of Rage. Covers all three parts in minute detail, plus many fan games and a remake.
(Added 2007-01-26, 530 hits, more)
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