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link thumbnail Oolite
Oolite is a space sim game, inspired by Elite, powered by Objective-C and OpenGL, and designed as a small game that is easy for users to pick up, modify and expand upon. Almost every aspect of the game can be changed by using simple, free graphics packages and text editors.
If you ever felt that Elite should have this or that feature, there's a pretty good chance that the ...
(Added 2006-02-10, 305 hits, more)
link thumbnail OpenC64
Portable Commodore 64 emulator currently available for Windows.
(Added 2007-06-10, 233 hits, more)
link thumbnail OpenJazz
OpenJazz is a free, open-source version of the classic Jazz Jackrabbit™ games. OpenJazz can be compiled on a wide range of operating systems, including Windows 98/Me/XP and Linux. To play, you will need the files from one of the original games.
(Added 2006-02-10, 417 hits, more)
link thumbnail openMSX
openMSX is an emulator for the MSX home computer system. Its goal is to emulate all aspects of the MSX with 100% accuracy: perfection in emulation.
(Added 2006-07-14, 312 hits, more)
link thumbnail Orphaned Projects Page, The
Abandoned Atari software projects that have been open-sourced and are looking for someone to take up on them.
There are a lot of applications for the Atari set of computers that at this point all are unsupported and discontinued. I would imagine that quite a few of the original authors would be happy if someone out there with the proper coding skills had a wish to take over where ...
(Added 2006-09-17, 842 hits, more)
link thumbnail Osmose
Osmose is a Sega Master System / Gamegear console emulator. The emulator is released as open source project, under GPL license and exists for both Linux and windows.
(Added 2007-08-23, 219 hits, more)
link thumbnail OSwan
Wonderswan Color emulator for Windows. Source code available.
(Added 2006-08-17, 330 hits, more)
link thumbnail Oswan ja translate
Open-source Bandai WonderSwan (Color) emulator for Windows.
(Added 2007-09-03, 694 hits, more)
link thumbnail otla - Project Hosting on Google Code
Vintage 8 bit machines used to load programs with cassette audiotapes. Data was encoded and decoded with an audio signal. Those days normal loading speed was about 1000 - 2000 bps. Proyecto O.T.L.A. will make loadings at 12000 bps or even faster using digital audio devices (cd and mp3 players , pc sound cards ...). Which means that loading a game will take less than one minute, normally about 30 s ...
(Added 2012-10-08, 218 hits, more)
link thumbnail PalmOS Sinclair Spectrum emulator
Open-source Spectrum emulator for PalmOS 3.5 and up.
(Added 2006-08-17, 275 hits, more)
link thumbnail PC Atari Emulator
PCAE is an Atari 2600 emulator for DOS and Windows written in Pascal and assembler. Source code available.
The Atari 2600 Video Computer System is permanently woven into the fabric of our 1970's and 80's culture. For those who enjoyed this milestone in video game history, John Dullea's PC Atari Emulator bridges the gap between the technology of today and the memories of yesteryear....
(Added 2007-01-18, 231 hits, more)
link thumbnail PC64 ende
C64 emulator for MS-DOS and Windows. Source code available.
This directory contains distribution files of the Commodore 64 emulator called PC64. It requires at least 386 and VGA, and runs in MS-DOS, Windows, OS/2 as well as in the Linux dosemu. PC64 for Windows is a newer product that requires Windows. PC64 won't be developed or distributed any longer. See PC64-The End.txt or PC64-Da ...
(Added 2006-08-10, 203 hits, more)
link thumbnail PCE/ibmpc
PCE/ibmpc is an IBM PC 5150 emulator. It emulates most (but see below) of the hardware of an IBM PC 5150. The emulation is complete enough to boot DOS and run most DOS applications.
(Added 2007-11-02, 198 hits, more)
link thumbnail pcsx-df
PCSX-df is a fork of the PCSX Playstation emulator designed specifically for GNU/Linux (and probably other similar systems). It has a completely reworked and modernized GTK2/Glade GUI, integrated plugins, an improved system for classic PSEmu plugins, better configuration tools, support for translation, easy installation, and support for AMD64.
(Added 2014-02-22, 366 hits, more)
link thumbnail PCSX-Reloaded
PCSX-Reloaded is a PlayStation Emulator based on PCSX-df 1.9, with support for Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X as well as many bugfixes and improvements.

Note: This project is affiliated with neither PCSX nor PCSX-df project and should be considered as an separate derived work, so please don't confuse this project with the original PCSX or bother the original PCSX developers ...
(Added 2014-02-22, 418 hits, more)
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