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link thumbnail cool hot
Comprehensive translation and ROM hack database and news site. Also features an abundance of programming information for many console platforms, with an emphasis on NES and Super Famicom.
(Added 2005-12-27, 4219 hits, more)
link thumbnail GameTronik cool fr translate
Great video game archive featuring complete sets for many vintage computer and video game consoles, including some CD-based systems. Fast downloads. Also has gameplay videos, articles, French TV clips, a comic, and more.
(Added 2008-04-15, 1628 hits, more)
link thumbnail Acorn DarcNES Homepage
This is a port of the nice multi-system emulator DarcNES. It doesn't stretch itself too far and emulates just a handful of systems and it emulates most of the pretty darn well! The NES emulation is excellent and has sound!
(Added 2012-10-08, 374 hits, more)
link thumbnail Acorn DGen Homepage
This is a port of the excellent DGen, which is by Dave - author of many top emulators... check out Final Burn especially if you like Power Drift and have a PC to hand. DGen emulates the Megadrive and does so pretty well. However the Acorn platform and the emulation of a 68k processor do not go hand in hand without a lot of work, and for this reason DGen is slow... you will need an SA m ...
(Added 2012-10-08, 390 hits, more)
link thumbnail Acorn Generator Homepage
This is a port of Generator a nicely developing Megadrive emulator. Even with the tricks employed within the cpu core the emulation is slow. The port has sound though and provides a nice alternative to DGen. The choice of which you use is completely yours, but if you don't have a StrongARM there is little point in bothering, unless you have a *lot* of patience.
(Added 2012-10-08, 332 hits, more)
link thumbnail DGen/SDL
DGen/SDL is a free, open source emulator for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive systems. DGen was originally written by Dave, then ported to SDL by Joe Groff and Phil K. Hornung in 1998.
DGen isn't the best Mega Drive/Genesis emulator out there, but it works and it's probably the most portable. It's also perfect for command‐line freaks.
(Added 2003-11-12, 568 hits, more)
link thumbnail DopeROMs
Fairly complete site with ten of thousands of ROM and disk images for download for every system imaginable. is an interactive archive of retro video games. This site allows you to play backups of your old video games on your computer or mobile device!
(Added 2007-12-13, 1600 hits, more)
link thumbnail Epic Gaming
Video game blog featuring overclocking guides for Nintendo 64, NES, and Mega Drive consoles among other things.
(Added 2008-04-24, 458 hits, more)
link thumbnail Generator
Sega Mega Drive/Genesis emulator.
Generator is an open source emulator designed to emulate the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive console, a popular games machine produced in the early 1990s. It is a portable program written in C and has been ported to the Amiga, Macintosh, Windows and even pocket PCs such as the iPAQ and Cassiopeia. Natively it compiles under unix for X Windows with either tc ...
(Added 2003-11-12, 577 hits, more)
link thumbnail Generator for Mac OS
Mac OS port of Sega Mega Drive emulator Generator. No source code provided.
(Added 2006-08-17, 794 hits, more)
link thumbnail Genesis Plus
Sega Mega Drive emulator for DOS and Windows.
(Added 2006-08-17, 507 hits, more)
link thumbnail Genesis Plus (BlackAura's junk)
Dreamcast port of Sega Mega Drive emulator Genesis Plus.
[Only the source code has been archived.]
(Added 2006-08-17, 547 hits, more)
link thumbnail Genesis Plus for Mac OS
Mac OS port of Sega Mega Drive emulator Genesis Plus. No source code provided.
Genesis Plus features very accurate emulation of the original Sega Genesis, even to the point that some software which has problems on the real hardware (Sonic Crackers, for example) exhibits the same behaviour under emulation.
(Added 2006-08-17, 690 hits, more)
link thumbnail GENS
Emulates Sega Mega Drive, 32X and Sega CD.
Gens works on Win9X, it needs Directx 7.0 or higher.

It has following features:
- Windowed / Fullscreen mode with scanline and severals graphics engines
- Joystick support
- Netplay
- Save / Load State support (10 slots at the same form ...
(Added 2003-11-17, 954 hits, more)
link thumbnail GuineaPig
Open-source Atari VCS 2600, Mega Drive, SMS, Game Gear, and PC Engine emulator for PalmOS.
GuineaPig is built up entirely from Charles MacDonald's excellent emulators including Genesis Plus, SMS Plus and TGemu.
(Added 2007-05-31, 486 hits, more)
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