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link thumbnail INFGMB cool
Z-machine implementation for Game Boy written in Z80 assembler and only 8K in size that supports many Infocom games.
(Added 2007-08-15, 353 hits, more)
link thumbnail Milliways: Infocom's Unreleased Sequel to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy cool
The story of Infocom's HGTTG sequel, reconstructed from data from an internal Infocom file server, with prototypes for download, emotionally commented on by many Infocom- and IF-related people.
From an anonymous source close to the company, I've found myself in possession of the "Infocom Drive" — a complete backup of Infocom's shared network drive from 1989. This is one of the most ...
(Added 2008-04-23, 789 hits, more)
link thumbnail BBC Radio 4 - The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
Play the fully illustrated editions of the adventure game.
(Added 2005-12-17, 414 hits, more)
link thumbnail Chronology of Quendor
A timetable so colossal, even Lord Dimwit Flathead the Excessive might find it adequate.
The Great Underground Empire, formerly known as Quendor, is where the Zork series of adventure games take place. I compiled a timetable of the Empire and its history, originally intending it as a continuity aid for writers.
(Added 2006-09-23, 340 hits, more)
link thumbnail DNA/HHGG Infocom Adventure
Play The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy online on DNA's website in a Java applet.
(Added 2003-11-12, 447 hits, more)
link thumbnail Down From the Top of Its Game
The Story of Infocom, Inc. Detailed analysis of the history of Infocom done at the MIT.
If you ever were a kid, you must have played the interactive fiction game Zork. If not you must have heard about it, and if not, well you can learn about it here. A company named Infocom became very successful in the early 1980s, propelled by Zork and its successors. In the middle of the decade, In ...
(Added 2006-09-23, 267 hits, more)
link thumbnail Frobozz Electric WebSite #50809 (A message from the Inquisitor)
This Website is dedicated to the Zork series of Computer games, and anything else that may even be the smallest bit related to Zork.
(Added 2003-11-12, 321 hits, more)
link thumbnail INFOCOM
Imagination sold and serviced here. The Infocom page on the Web:
The site remains an artifact to pay homage to the company that created some of the best computer games ever. Games that sparked imagination rather than dulled the senses. Most of the information contained here can be found in one form or another somewhere on the Internet. Much of it can be found at The Int ...
(Added 2003-11-12, 443 hits, more)
link thumbnail Infocom - The Master Storytellers
See Infocom's company history, advertisements, author biographies, extensive game descriptions, and more.
(Added 2006-09-29, 353 hits, more)
link thumbnail Infocom Bugs List, The
During the 1980's, Infocom published 31 all-text and 4 illustrated text adventure games. Though they published other items: role-playing games, interactive comic books, a Clue-like strategy game and a corporate database, their text games are what they are primarily remembered for today.
Although these games were remarkably well constructed, the occasional programming glitch di ...
(Added 2003-11-12, 337 hits, more)
link thumbnail Infocom Documentation Project, The
Most original Infocom game manuals in PDF (and sometimes plain-text) format, plus PDF maps, newsletters, and more.
(Added 2003-11-12, 384 hits, more)
link thumbnail Infocom Gallery, The
High-quality scans of original Infocom packaging, including manuals, and feelies. Covers re-releases, too.
(Added 2006-09-24, 437 hits, more)
link thumbnail Infocom Walkthrough Archive, The
Walkthroughs for all Infocom text adventures.
(Added 2003-11-12, 325 hits, more)
link thumbnail Kronos
Interactive Ficton for Palm OS.
Kronos is an interpreter for Magnetic Scrolls, Infocom-style ZMachine, and Scott Adams style adventure games.
(Added 2006-02-10, 311 hits, more)
link thumbnail Nathan Simpson's list of Infocom bugs
This list is meant to complement Graeme Cree's fabulous collection of Infocom bugs [...]. Some or all of these bugs may thus disappear from this list, should they appear on Graeme's list.
(Added 2012-10-08, 236 hits, more)
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