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link thumbnail DOSBox cool
Excellent PC emulator with built-in DOS, great for playing DOS games and even DOS-hosted emulators.
DOSBox also emulates CPU:286/386 realmode/protected mode, Directory FileSystem/XMS/EMS, Tandy/Hercules/CGA/EGA/VGA/VESA graphics, a SoundBlaster/Gravis Ultra Sound card for excellent sound compatibility with older games...
(Added 2003-11-12, 589 hits, more)
link thumbnail Freeciv cool endefresruczjaitkosedafinonlptplhu
Mods, coding, art, and more. Portable, networkable, and generally excellent implementation of the Civilization idea.
Freeciv is a Free and Open Source empire-building strategy game inspired by the history of human civilization. The game commences in prehistory and your mission is to lead your tribe from the stone age to the space age...
(Added 2003-11-12, 556 hits, more)
link thumbnail higan cool
Formerly known as bsnes.
higan is a Nintendo multi-system emulator that began development on
2004-10-14. It currently supports the following systems:
  • Famicom
  • Super Famicom
  • Game Boy
  • Game Boy Color
  • Game Boy Advance
  • Nintendo DS
higan also supports the following subsystems:
(Added 2007-08-15, 1022 hits, more)
link thumbnail RetroSpec cool
Retrospec are a team of coders, graphics artists and computer musicians who have gathered together [...] to bring you the best remakes of old 8 bit games and new original games with a decidedly retro feel that we can. We meet here in the clubhouse - a remarkable building with rooms on at least 5 planets (and a cosmic toilet, baby!)
(Added 2003-12-31, 949 hits, more)
link thumbnail ScummVM cool

ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games, provided you already have their data files. The clever part about this: ScummVM just replaces the executables shipped with the games, allowing you to play them on systems for which they were never designed!

ScummVM supports many adventure games, including LucasArts SCUMM g ...

(Added 2003-11-12, 630 hits, more)
link thumbnail VICE Emulator, The cool
VICE is a program that runs on a Unix, MS-DOS, Win32, OS/2, Acorn RISC OS, BeOS, QNX 4.x, QNX 6.x, Amiga, GP2X, Dingoo, Syllable or Mac OS X machine and executes programs intended for the old 8-bit computers. The current version emulates the C64, the C64DTV, the C128, the VIC20, almost all PET models, the PLUS4 and the CBM-II (aka C610).
(Added 2003-11-12, 680 hits, more)
link thumbnail VisualBoyAdvance cool
(Still?) the best choice for both play and development.
VBA is the best and most popular Gameboy Advance emulator around. Emulates GBA, GBC, SGB, GBA roms! Supports ZIP-ed roms, so that after downloading files from the net you don't even have to un-zip them.
(Added 2003-11-12, 447 hits, more)
link thumbnail AmiKit endefresczdapl
AmiKit is a software distribution that turns your Windows, Mac or Linux system into an Amiga environment (thanks to built-in emulator engine).

AmiKit includes more than 300 of the finest Amiga programs. With AmiKit you can surf web, read emails and documents, listen to or create your own music, burn CD/DVDs, edit images, play games and much more - all in good old Amiga way ...
(Added 2006-09-20, 448 hits, more)
link thumbnail Andys Page
home of remakes of "Jet Set Willy", "Manic Miner", and "Lunar Jetman";
(Added 2006-02-10, 547 hits, more)
link thumbnail Arnold Mac OS
Mac OS port of open-source Amstrad CPC series emulator Arnold, without source code.
(Added 2006-08-17, 606 hits, more)
link thumbnail bee
bee is an emulator of several video game systems. It currently emulates the "Sega 8-bit systems" Master System, ColecoVision, and SG-1000, as well as the Atari 2600/VCS. More systems will be added in the future.
bee is designed to be portable, accurate, and easy to use. At this time, the program is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux x86.
bee emulates hardware mostly ...
(Added 2008-07-12, 559 hits, more)
link thumbnail Boycott Advance for Mac OS
Mac OS port of Game Boy Advance emulator Boycott Advance.
(Added 2006-08-17, 549 hits, more)
link thumbnail Brain Games
Home of many remakes of games such as "Road Fighter", "Nether Earth", "Maze of Galious", "Thrust", "The Goonies", and "F-1 Spirit". Most of them are available for Win32, OSX, and Linux
(Added 2006-02-10, 463 hits, more)
link thumbnail BSNES (Mac OS X)
Super Famicom emulator for Mac OS X that focuses on accuracy over performance. No source code provided.
(Added 2006-08-17, 650 hits, more)
link thumbnail casaGS
Home of a KEGS/SDL port for Mac OS X and Apple //gs on DOS emulator XGS-DOS.
(Added 2006-08-29, 528 hits, more)
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