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link thumbnail FCE cool enja
Incomplete open-source NES emulator for DOS that served as the basis for many other NES emulators.
Why I make NES emulator where many many emulator are available? I want to port NES emulator to PlayStation,but I can't find Portable C source except xNes,it is too slow for PS on R3000/33Mhz. so now I'm making NES emu for DOS/VGA first. My last target is PlayStation with portable code, s ...
(Added 2006-11-21, 591 hits, more)
link thumbnail NES emulator cool
Bisqwit's open-source NES emulator is the pinnacle of incomplete NES emulation: it doesn't even have video output.
(Added 2007-10-29, 595 hits, more)
link thumbnail AC64E - Axel's C64 Emulator
Alpha-quality C64 emulator for .NET. Source code available.
AC64E simply means Axel C64 Emulator and represents an other C64 emulator.

I'm working on this little tool since 06/2003 - and compared to other emulators out there it is still a really buggy Alpha version ... and it will remain in this state for ever ;-)
(Added 2006-08-11, 520 hits, more)
link thumbnail Aphrodite
NES emulator for DOS.
Its very archaic, playing very few roms with minimal sound support.
[Entry points to emulator archive at Zophar's Domain.]
(Added 2006-11-17, 438 hits, more)
link thumbnail Artifex
Claims to be the ultimate Commodore C16/Plus/4 emulator for Windows. A closer look reveals that it has not been touched since 2002, and is not quite complete:
current features
. cycle exact emulation .
. all standard cpu instructions .
. some undocumented cpu instructions .
. partial graphic emulation .
. full sound emulation .
. full keyboard emulation .
. "read only" tap ...
(Added 2006-09-01, 485 hits, more)
link thumbnail Atari ST Emulator Written in Java
I am writing an Atari ST emulator in Java, inspired by the ZX Spectrum Emulator , written by my friends Andrew Pollard and Adam Davidson. My objective is to allow you to use an Atari ST in your web browser. This project was made possible by the STonX emulator. I used the STonX source as a base, and ported the core of it to Java.
(Added 2003-11-12, 754 hits, more)
link thumbnail Chankast
Sega Dreamcast emulator for Windows.
Chankast is an advanced SEGA DREAMCAST emulator for x86 platforms.

This project started 3 months ago, it's a joint venture between baktery, unai and garrofi. It hasn't been easy, a lot of hours and headaches, but we think it's time to release an alpha version. We hope you will be surprise, you can play commercial games at a decent spee ...
(Added 2007-05-30, 467 hits, more)
link thumbnail cingb
Game Boy emulator for Linux, Solaris, and DOS.
At the moment, I am looking for some developers who can help me with this project. Anyone is invited!

The following parts of cingb need to be improved:

  • sound support
  • SGB (super gameboy) support
  • Z80 CPU timing
  • graphics (speed)
  • joystick/keyboard ...
(Added 2006-02-24, 502 hits, more)
link thumbnail Dragones
NES emulator for DOS without sound support.
(Added 2006-11-21, 389 hits, more)
link thumbnail DreamNES
Unmaintained NES emulator for Windows.
DreamNES is a NES emulator by Kervin Lee. It's main characteristic is that it includes a ROM Encyclopedia built into its GUI, which displays information & screenshots about NES ROMs.

Unfortunately, its rather outdated and very buggy. All of the features it supports, including the enyclopedia are found in current emulators such as Ube ...
(Added 2006-11-17, 478 hits, more)
link thumbnail DRR-NES
NES emulator written in QBasic.
Remember, this thing is written in QBasic. Don't be surprised if it runs games (if at all) at less than one frame per second due to having to page from the hard drive constantly (640KB DOS memory limit). If you actually want to play games, you should probably choose another emulator.
[Downloads have not been archived, get them ...
(Added 2006-11-17, 507 hits, more)
link thumbnail Dualis
Plugin-based Nintendo DS emulator for Windows. Source code available.
(Added 2007-08-15, 434 hits, more)
link thumbnail EmilNES
NES emulator for Windows and Linux.
EmilNES is a Nintendo NES Emulator.

Its mains features at the moment are:

-No Sound emulation. (But i'm working on it.)
-99% CPU instruction implemented. (There is probably some bug).
-85% PPU is already implemented.
-Many mapper #0,1,2,3 comercial games run at the moment.
[This entry points ...
(Added 2006-11-17, 410 hits, more)
link thumbnail FPCE
Unmaintained and incomplete PC Engine emulator for DOS and PlayStation.
This software is at a *VERY* early stage. It currently only works with few carts. If you wish to play games,there are other decent emulators available. If you are interested in how this emulator was written, you may find my source code useful (Although it's very dirty code.) The source is for PC-AT/VGA and PC-9801 ...
(Added 2007-11-13, 391 hits, more)
link thumbnail Free64
Unmaintained and simple C64 emulator for DOS.
Free64 is a Commodore 64 emulator for MS-DOS, written solely by me, in Borland C 3.1. I wrote the CPU core myself, although I used M6502's implementation of BCD arithmetic as an example. Here is a list of current features: (as of v.01)
  • 6510 CPU, full documented instruction set
  • RAM/ROM switching
  • CIA 1/2 timers A an ...
(Added 2006-08-17, 411 hits, more)
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